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5 Online Branding Tips To Make Sure You Look Like A #BOSS By Using An Online Social Resume 📇

If you do not build your SOCIAL RESUME, you will be leaving your entire life in someone’s else control.

I showed him what happens when you google his name.

L O L 😅

Below are five tips for building your brand online and optimizing your websites to attend to your visitors’ needs. 👀

1. Emails are the internet’s diamonds💎

JetSetFly Sitting With His #EmailList

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2. Keep it Stupid SIMPLE 👶

Alexander kingsman (jetsetfly) says : Keep it STUPID SIMPLE

3. Be a HUMBLE “Show-Off” 🦸‍♂️

Alenxander Kingsman aka (JetSetFly or Josh King Madrid)

Here’s an example of a Loom screen recording video of me doing a walkthrough of my marketing software company, Walkthrough — Build Funnels & Social Resume BioLinks

4. Start Holding Your Customers Hand On The First Date 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽

JetSetFly & His Customers Always Hold Hands :)


Ellen is answering FlyerFunnel’s questions today. (Jk, I wish)

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Josh King Madrid is a well-known millennial thought leader referred to as JetSetFly. Josh King Madrid is an American serial entrepreneur & marketing consultant